Curriculum Based—as a teacher Through the academic year, a dance curriculum is followed with an emphasis on body, mind and soul. Each dance session conducted in the school premises, includes:
• Body warm up and isolation exercises
• Choreography

The teaching pattern is interactive and communicative ensuring that the learning process is fun. Technical dance moves are taught on dance rhymes making it easier to remember and exciting to learn. Each dance class is designed to improve physical wellness, stimulate the mind and enable holistic development.

Workshops Workshops may be conducted as an extracurricular activity during or after school hours in the school premises. Workshops may be based on a particular dance style for a specific period of time and can be customized to suit the students' and school's requirements.

Annual Days With over 15 years of experience in the dance and entertainment industry, The BUSKERS Team designs and choreographs annual day shows based on various styles, themes and concepts. The team helps present the show with a professional set up of design, stage, sound, lights, costumes, props and choreography. Students are trained as professionals and taught the various aspects of musical theatre and stage performance. They are empowered with technical knowledge, spatial awareness and performance guidelines. The complete performing arts experience helps students overcome stage fright, become more confident, learn to work in teams and feel a great sense of achievement.