Founder / Director

• BRIJESH SAXENA: o Being from an artistic background I was born and raised in that environment only. My family used to run a folk dance company "Natya Niketan", with all the performers being family members only, be it singers or dancers. From the age of 3 I was able to grasp the knowledge of music and dance. o My actual journey of dance started when I was in school and heard "Boney M" for the first time. That gave me a direction to take my dreams. I learnt by seeing the videos and started performing at school level, and got great appreciation.

o But it is said that there always a ray of light which guides a person to achieve its aim, for me it was the great legend "Michel Jackson". In 1983, on my birthday my father gifted a video cassette of "Thriller-Michel Jackson". That built up my passion to love break dance. Then I went to Delhi to find some more videos on Break dance and started learning by just seeing the videos. In 1987 there was another hit by the legend "Bad-Michel Jackson". After seeing that video I was all set to start a new life and a never ending journey of dance. o I started performing at university level. Won many competitions and friends started supporting me to teach them the art of dance. My parents were obviously not much happy with my decision, being the only male child to my parents they didn't let me go out of Jaipur for any formal training. With no internet, mobile and television facilities I started my journey with struggle and difficulties. But what I had was enough for me to give a kick start, and that was my love and passion for dance. o In late 80's I finally formed a group named "BASS" with each letter being the initial letter of the members. We started with teaching in a small classroom. Performing all over Jaipur we were finally growing. But unfortunately that group was dissolved, leaving only me to continue dance as my carrier. o I didn't lose hope n started teaching at my house where I met a student, a unique one. With the same goal as mine, with the same passion and love for dance as I had. And we all know him today as Mr. Hemendra Singh Gajawat. We got along with a vision to impart knowledge of dance to anyone and everyone. o And in 1994, we started with "BUSKERS". With limited amount of resources and huge number of speed bumps we never let anything come in our way.

• HEMENDRA SINGH GAJAWAT: Director of buskers dance institute, jaipur. He has been one of the pioneers to start western dance in jaipur in 1995 with the name BUSKERS. His passion in dance met with passion and creativity of MR. BRIJESH SAXENA, it was their than they decided to put their heads together & get creative. Over course of these years HEMENDRA SINGH GAJAWAT honed & perfected his art in the professional arena. Channelling his experience & spirit of his career, he was able to build a passionate and vibrant team of his skilled instructions. He has always focused on popularizing various forms of dance & spreading it throughout jaipur, Rajasthan.