1- What dance styles do you teach? We teach Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Bollywood.

2- Do you teach Salsa? Yes, but not in our regular classes. But we do conduct workshops for it.

3- How long is the course? How long will it take for me to learn how to dance? The basic course is of 3 months. Our curriculum is divided into different levels, starting from Beginners through to Advanced which is dependent upon individual capability. Also it is up to the individual to decide till what level he/she wants to continue to learn. We have students who've been with us from 1 month to over 10 years. Dance is a creative process and so it is never-ending journey of learning and developing.

4- There is no 1 month course? No, that time is not enough for an individual to learn the basic guidelines of all dance styles in order to be prepared to perform it properly.

5- I have never danced before. Can I learn? Certainly!! We believe that everyone can dance. The Beginners level at Buskers is basic and is suitable for those with little or no experience.

6- Can dance help me to lose weight? Absolutely! Any form of directed exercise can help, provided it is regular and combined with a good eating plan. Do consult your teacher and tell them about your personal goal in this area.

7- How do I enrol for the classes? What do I need to bring with me? Enrolments can be made throughout the year. They are held in the evenings at the venues where the classes are conducted. However, we urge you to please call our office and confirm the days and timings for enrolment before you plan to go to the venue. You need to carry the fees and 2 passport size photographs.