Buskers believes that dancing is not only a form of exercise but also a skill that builds up confidence and teaches people how to have fun!

Having a team of specialized dancers for every dance form (Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary & Bollywood), we mold the students’ postures, gestures and dancing skills that add on to their beauty of expression through dance.

We emphasize on the correct techniques that enhance the students’ skills & encourage them to use their own creativity for an overall development of the students’ personality.


We set our mind & feet on dancing in 1995. We are the oldest & the most renowned dance academy in Jaipur.


We have over 25 dedicated & specialized dance instructors so that every student gets individual attention.


You will find us at 10 branches all over Jaipur so that you don’t waste time on commuting.


We offer four different dance forms- Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary & Bollywood over a duration of 3 months.

Dance Forms

Hip Hop

Who doesn’t want to groove like Michael Jackson, Soulja Boy, Beyonce & many other hip-hop artists? Hip-Hop is primarily a street style dancing form that involves breaking, locking & popping to hip-hop music. Hip-Hop began in the 1970’s to fight against inequality towards the outcast and give birth to peace, love & fun.


A dance form that is famous for expressing emotions through dancing; the contemporary form is full of graceful moves that makes one’s body flow naturally to the music, as if the wind breeze was making one dance. The sheer beauty & flexibility of this dance is what makes it so unique.


A dance form that involves intensive footwork, big leaps and quick turns; it is a unique form of dancing performed to Jazz music. It was introduced to the world by the African Americans in the early 20th century and it continues to gain popularity even today.


For us Indians, Bollywood dancing is the key to ultimate energy & a lot of fun! This form of dancing involves not only bodily movements, but also the facial expressions to dance along & express emotions.


Address: B-99 Surya Marg, behind LBS college, tilak nagar, Jaipur.

Address: D-10/45 , Shree Aashapura Enclave, Near Chitrakoot Hospital, Chitrakoot, Jaipur.

Address: Mocha, oppo. Gaurav tower, malviya nagar, Jaipur

Address: Tagore vidhyabhawan, near ambabari circle, Jaipur

Address: B-69 saraswati school, madho singh road, madho singh circle, Jaipur

Address: Shekhawat Mansingh Marg, D - Block, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

Address: Little gems school. Near janpath, Shyam Nagar, Jaipur

Address: Central academy school, near durgapura police station, Jaipur

Address: Madhyam marg, patel marg, near Wranglar and Levi's showroom, Jaipur

Address: Happy school- vidhyadhar ka rasta, Jaipur

Fees & Batches

3 months
Centre 4 pm-5 pm 5 pm-6 pm 6 pm-7 pm 7 pm-8 pm 7 am-8 am
Tilak Nagar 9yrs to 12 yrs 4yrs to 9yrs 13 yrs and above BADC / 1 yr program Fitness Batch
Chitrakoot 8 to 12 Yrs 4 to 8 Yrs 13 & Above 1 year -
Malviya Nagar 8 to 12 Yrs 4 to 8 Yrs 13 & Above 1 year -
Amba Bari - 4 to 9 Yrs 9 to 12 Yrs 13 & Above -
Bani Park - 4 to 9 Yrs 9 to 12 Yrs 13 & Above -
Queens road 8 to 12 Yrs 4 to 8 Yrs 13 & Above 1 year -
Shyam Nagar - 4 to 8 Yrs 8 to 12 Yrs 13 & Above Fitness Batch
Mahaveer Nagar 13 yrs and above 8 to 12 Yrs 4 to 8 Yrs 1 year -
Mansarovar - 8 to 12 Yrs 4 to 8 Yrs 1 year -
Tripolia Bazar - 4-9 yrs 13 & Above - -


Fusion is our annual dance show that is conducted once a year for the students to showcase their immense talent on the stage and take over the applause with pride.

Fusion runs back to 1995 and still continues to be a successful event every year. It has given a platform to around 25000 students till now, encouraging & nurturing their potential through positive reinforcement.

Fusion welcomes each student with open arms, whether he/she is a beginner or a professional. We believe in giving a chance to every student because no talent is less. Our motto is 'Everything is possible if you believe & try'.


Students range from 4 to 25 years of age. However, there is no upper age limit. Anybody can dance.

Students below 8 years are taught in one batch and students above 8 are taught in a different batch. Usually, students aged 8 and above develop an understanding of the dance & its moves, so all of them are taught together. (And surprisingly, they all get along! That’s what dance does.)

Each batch has around 25-30 students. We keep small batches so that each student gets individual attention.

There is no specified date as yet. You can join whenever you want to.

It includes dancing & endless fun. We teach basics of four dance forms namely Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Jazz & Bollywood in 3 months.

No. All the four dance forms are taught in 3 months for 4700.

Fusion is open for every student. If the student is willing to participate, he/she is welcome, no matter if he has been with us for a year or a month.

Yes, a minimal fees is charged. A workshop can be arranged as per requirement with an additional charge.

No, but we do organize workshops for it.

The basic course is for 3 months. Our curriculum is divided into different levels, starting from a beginner’s level (3 month course) to an intermediate level (a year long course). Also, it is up to the student to decide till what level he/she wants to continue to learn. We have students who've been with us from 1 month to over 10 years. Dance is a creative process and so it is a never-ending journey of learning and developing skills.

No. 1 month is not enough for a student to learn all four dance forms in order to perform them properly. (Unless you are Rajnikanth).

However students from outside of Jaipur can be a part of the monthly program on showing their IDs, since they are short on time.

Of course! The beginner’s level at Buskers (3 month course) is suitable for non-dancers or someone with no experience. All you need to do is be confident about yourself and attend the classes daily for a fun dance experience.

Yes. Any form of exercise can help losing weight and dancing is equivalent to exercising. (Have a good eating plan & a passion to lose weight).

Enrollments are done throughout the year at our centers in the evening.

We suggest you to call at the center you prefer before going to confirm the timings of enrollment. Carry 2 passport size photographs & the fees for the enrollment.

No. The certificates are awarded to the students of the intermediate program.



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